Presentations, Classes & Workshops


Susan Green offers Introductory Presentations, Workshops and Ongoing Classes
•  Dynamic powerpoint presentation/demonstrations
•  Practical exercises with application to daily activities
•  Develop and maintain healthy postural habits through the Mitzvah Technique discipline
•  Achieve immediate improvements and prevents problems
•  Optional volunteer participation
•  Highly trained gentle hands on guidance (optional)
•  Encourages positive social interaction
•  Readily applied in a wide variety of settings
•  Can address specific group issues
•  Benefits all ages and fitness levels

Effects of slouching and confined body positioning, the Mitzvah Mechanism and healthy posture are introduced through lecture/demonstrations and optional volunteer participation. Powerpoint or visual aids are used to assist explanation. Introduced gently through practical exercises involving sitting, standing and walking and can include chair, stool, barre, floor and wall.

Choose from three formats…

Introductory Presentations – 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Workshops – 1.5 hours to full weekend Supportive instruction initiates improvement of postural habits. More time, content, instruction and practice provides the opportunity to learn and further develop maintenance of healthy posture habits.

Ongoing Classes – 1 hour Classes reinforce the benefits of the Mitzvah Technique. Participation in ongoing classes provide instruction, support, feedback and experience to continue the development and maintenance of healthy postural habits.