We all tend to slouch. Slouching has completely permeated our culture. We have lost our kinesthetic awareness of slouching and do not see it anymore. Even just a little habitual slouching destructively impacts postural alignment, joints and body mechanics.

Basic Slouch definition – the chest is down and the head is up.

Slouching Chain Reaction
Chest drops down to squeeze inward
Upper back rounds to hunch
The head and neck to poke forward
The head retracts back exerting a downward force on the spine
Spine compresses downward
Pelvis/hips to tuck forward.

Effects of Chronic Slouching – even just a little
Exerts a downward force as it compresses the spine
Twists and countertwists the body
Blocks the upward functioning of the Mitzvah Mechanism.

“Research suggests people with good posture have more confidence in their thoughts than slouchers” – O Magazine