Dance Classes

The Mitzvah Technique’s approach to postural re-education uses our body’s innate ability to correct itself to realign the skeletal framework, rebalance the musculature and stimulate deep breathing . Dancers learn how to self align to increase mobility, flow of motion and self expression for dance technique and dance improvisation/composition classes. Susan Green’s dance classes are dynamic, engaging and productive.

The Mitzvah Technique, a dynamic and gentle discipline, uniquely taps into our body’s innate ability to spring upward to reinforce our body’s balance with gravity. An upward rippling  wave like flowing motion is triggered that extends from the base of the feet, through the top of the neck (occipital joint) to the skull. This follow through the total body motion spawns spirals, flow of motion, postural alignment improvements and a deeper breathing. This subtle yet powerful motion can be used as a movement motif.

The Mitzvah Technique and Dance Technique Class
The Mitzvah Technique is taught through a selection of chair, stool, barre, floor, wall and postural alignment exercises. They are applied to dance studio practice to realign the skeletal framework and rebalance the musculature to physically undo tension buildups. Postural alignment and movement patterns are improved for more efficient dance technique practice. Tools are given to help heal dance injuries and prevent future problems. The Mitzvah Technique’s practical applications are utilized before, during and after dance classes, rehearsals and performances. Dancers are able to rehearse longer and take more classes with less tension, fatigue and strain.

Dancer’s total body approach to postural alignment supports flow of motion, spiralling and refinement of movement qualities to fine tune expression during class, rehearsals and performances.

The Mitzvah Technique Dance Improvisation/Composition Class
A selection of Mitzvah Technique exercises are taught through solo, partner and group work. The students explore the Mitzvah Technique’s Mitzvah Mechanism as a stimulus for improvisational exercises and composition. These exercises explore activating the Mitzvah Mechanism at various spatial levels to mobilize their spines through the rippling and spiralling motion. The resulting flow of motion also helps to works through creative blocks to stimulate and free creativity. The students are inspired to explore the creative process through improvisation and composition of dance themes which encourage freedom of movement, expanded range of movement quality and expression. The Mitzvah Technique is practiced before, after and during the session.

“I utilize the Mitzvah (Mechanism) Technique during choreography, performance, classes and teaching. It has helped my posture and greatly improved my dance technique and movement quality. I use it before dance activities, to increase range of motion and warm up, during, to maintain freedom and quality of movement and after dance activities, to undo tension build up and prevent problems. I use the Mitzvah Mechanism as a choreographic stimulus to develop movement themes.” – Susan Green